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Leather Suspension Cuffs

Bondage Restraint Leather Wrist Suspension Cuffs Slave Trainer Adult Kinky Fetish ToysThese suspension wrist harness straps really have the wearers interests at heart. While the wearer is suspended the supported design of this item makes it reasonably comfortable to be suspended. Be suspended in com..
Ex Tax:$38.50
If a man can walk on the moon, leather can make heavy duty suspension feet cuffs. And we talk about a product not only very strong but because of the soft foam/leather lining inside also very comfortable to wear. The strong leather straps, easy to adjust, ensures a tight safe pressure. Only for the ..
Ex Tax:$65.50
pair of strong strict leather soft padded suspension cuffs with strong metal buckles, with durable D-ring .They'll comfortable fit both men and women for a secure bedroom bondage experience.These stunning leather cuffs have contrasting detail to make an attractive statement.The cuffs measure 3" in w..
Ex Tax:$49.99
A pair of the highest quality black leather suspension cuffs, padded foam backed for comfort with hand bars and double buckle fastening for added restraint. Also includes 2 trigger clips and chain, ready for suspension. Cuff your partner and leave them suspended for as long as your devilish side des..
Ex Tax:$49.99
These beautiful hanging leather cuffs are not only very strong but also very comfortable. We know that there are more companies that make these kind of products. So we decided to make them better as the "competition". Totally leather lined (inside foam under the smooth leather), 2 adjustable belts, ..
Ex Tax:$49.99
Leather hand mittens are the perfect tool for keeping their busy hands and fingers out of the way. The mittens are made of quality garment leather and measures 13 inches long and 5 inches wide with locking cuffs. Use the attached D-ring for to secure the hands to different fixed locations for more f..
Ex Tax:$33.50
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