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Leather Ankle Restraints

This deluxe cuff will open new vistas of bondage possibilities for you and your sub. A fabulously deluxe version of a waist cincher, this accessory goes around the midsection of the wearer, above the hips and below the ribs, and can be tightened to your satisfaction.The real draw is the twin locking..
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Make this easy access thigh sling with wrist cuffs part of your bondage collectionMade of high quality vegan leather (which offers the same luxurious feel and texture of real leather) this thigh sling includes wrist cuffs that you can connect to create new intricate bondage setups. The straps fit ov..
Ex Tax:$69.99
Fetish Leather Shoe Cuff With Hand Cuff for making an position.Colors: BlackStyle: RestraintsAccessories: All In Nickle BrassMaterial: Leather..
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These are the first devices that I know of that can be used to lock on high heeled, ankle strapped sandals. The buckled AND locked cuffs stay in place and the devices allow complete adjustment of the cuff position. Your seductive sandal straps will NOT get their cute buckles pinched under or covered..
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High heeled sandals with the ankle cuffs strapped tightly in position and clipped together in the back. These are for sale as well as other CUSTOM MADE leather or leather and metal bondage devices.Colors: BlackStyle: RestraintsAccessories: All In Nickle BrassMaterial: Leather..
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Pink Sandal Cuffs Locked Together Front ViewAnkle cuffs locked on, then ankles locked together. A tight strap wrapped around her legs under her knees would keep her legs controlled.Colors: PinkStyle: RestraintsAccessories: All In Nickle BrassMaterial: Leather..
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For the Leather fetishist, this bondage set gives you all the great benefits of your favorite material with the look of classic BDSM restraints. Heavy and thick, the smooth black Leather is easily cleaned and fluid resistant. The rolling buckles allow for easy adjustability, with an option to make t..
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Legs have been strapped and locked holding the shoe braces in place then a small chain was added to keep her from taking long strides. Her heel straps have been adjusted to only allow slight upward foot movement.Colors: BlackStyle: RestraintsAccessories: All In Nickle BrassMaterial: L..
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Leather Shoe High Heel Lock BondageColors: WhiteStyle: RestraintsAccessories: All In Nickle BrassMaterial: Leather..
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Leather Thigh Sling is perfect for traveling, or for places that cannot fit a full sling or suspension.Simply slide the padded neck brace behind the neck, and slip the thighs through the adjustable padded loops. The sling cradles the neck and keeps the legs open wide for lusty accessibility.Made of ..
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Real Leather Ankle to Toe Bondage RestraintsCalf Strap Adjusts Between 15.5 - 20.5 Inch (390-520mm)Toe Strap adjusts to fit any size ThumbColors: BlackStyle: RestraintsAccessories: All In Nickle BrassMaterial: Leather..
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My model wearing the leg strapped, rear chained shoe locks. "D" rings are attached to the inside of each ankle cuff for chain attachment or, with a lock, close attachment. It is IMPOSSIBLE to get your heels off once these are locked onto the legs.Colors: WhiteStyle: RestraintsAccessories: ..
Ex Tax:$45.00
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