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Bondage Chair

Ladder Back Chair with Pads and Straps. Another great bondage product for those with limited space, and is small enough to store in a cupboard, being only 135cm high x 50cm wide x 50cm deep.Constructed in powder coated box section steel with deep padded leather leg rests the seat height is 55cm. The..
Ex Tax:$1,000.00
Black Bondage Chair With a unique design, this solid bondage chair or, with the straps removed a throne. Standing 155cm high x 80cm wide x 60cm deep. The sturdy powder coated box section metal construction is complimented by a padded leather seat, arm and back rests. The victim is held firmly in pla..
Ex Tax:$1,300.00
Exclusive Bax for erotic play in the climate of Bondage. Box with adjustable height (universal for slaves from 155 cm to 195 cm) ideal for home use as well as for professional clubs. They are aesthetically made. The combination of wood, leather (natural or oganic) and aluminum makes the Box stylish ..
Ex Tax:$450.00
custom built throne.designed by myself using sculptured metal,20 mm metal box section,4" x 2" p.s.e timberand a variety of quality materialsall the metal work is powder coated in gloss blackThis is a strong durable quality piece of dungeon equipment Sanded smooth with rounded edges. It is finis..
Ex Tax:$700.00
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