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Leather Bondage Opera Gloves

Leather Bondage Opera Gloves
Leather Bondage Opera Gloves
Leather Bondage Opera Gloves
Leather Bondage Opera Gloves
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Leather Bondage Opera Gloves


Some arm binders are two separate sleeves, also referred to as Bondage Opera Gloves or a Two Sleeve Armbinder. These are better suited for broad-framed and less limber subjects who may have shoulder issues or injuries. These restraints can be far more versatile than other arm binders since they do not require the arms to be bound to each other behind the back.

Colors: Black

Style Fetish

Accessories : All In Nickle Brass

Leather: Cowhide

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  • Model: Gold1506
  • Weight: 1.50kg
Ex Tax: $45.00

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